Purcell & Woodcock wax melts - bergamot & sandalwood

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Purcell and Woodcock Ireland Lumiere collection. 

These Wax Melts are hand-poured in Ireland with a pure soy wax and are perfect for mixing and matching and creating your own personal fragrance blends. As they don’t come into direct contact with a flame, they absorb heat slowly and release fragrance without burning the oils.

Each pack contains 6 cubes of scented wax to fragrance your home.

Directions for Use:

Snap off one cube and place it on the top of your wax burner with an unscented tealight underneath. As the wax melts, it releases its fragrance and you will enjoy up to 12 hours of fragrant burning. When fragrance is no longer being released, blow out the tealight and allow burner to cool down until the wax is hard.  Remove the remaining wax before reusing.